LionEXT Extension

The extension LionEXT by D.M. adds additional features in google pages to make easier the daily work of the SEO Consultant. The extension is available for Google Chrome and for Mozilla Firefox.

The extension gives the features below and the user can choose which to be switched on or not:

1Organic Numbering – Numbering the organic results in search engine results page (SERP);

2Organic Research – Check if any website of Google My Business (GMB) in local pack is on first page of the SERP too;

3Shortcut to “Open Site Explorer” – adds direct link to check the website in “Open Site Explorer”.

4Google Finder Numbering – Numbering the organic results in the Google Local Finder (local results).

5Direct link to GMB page – adds direct link to GMB listing page in Google Local Finder (works only if the user is not signed).

6Check Citations – Adds two options to check the citations in Google for the selected GMB profile.
– by phone
– by Company Name & Phone;

7Website indexed pages – adds direct link which will help to see how many indexed pages the selected website has in Google.

8Listings by GMB’s phone – adds direct link with which you can check if there are other GMB listings by selected GMB’s phone;

9GMB Listing is Ownerverified or not – Adds marker which shows you if the selected GMB Listing in Google Local Finder is Ownerverified or not.

10“Write a review” link – Adds a direct link “Review Us”.



  • For the moment the extension works only for,, &
  • This extension relies on the Google page structure  and there is no guarantee that any feature will work any time. In case  you’ve seen a bug, please reported it and I will try to fixed if it’s possible.